About Vote Compass

Vote Compass is a democratic engagement application developed by the team of political scientists from Vox Pop Labs. Its objective is to promote electoral literacy and public engagement in election campaigns. 

Vote Compass results are not intended and should not be interpreted as voting advice, nor as a prediction as to which party or candidate a given user intends to vote for. It is rather an entry point into a discussion of party positions on a suite of issues relevant in a given election campaign. For information visit

Steering Committee
Clifton van der Linden, University of Toronto
Yannick Dufresne, University of Toronto
Gregory Eady, University of Toronto
David Houle, University of Toronto
Jennifer Hove, University of Toronto

Application Development

Anthony Cholmondeley, Senior Developer
Kristen Hevenor, General Manager
Ivan Petrov, IT Manager
Jonathan Salis, Senior Developer
Vlad Shalamov, System Architect
Brian Skene, Designer
Amy Tilarso, Interactive Developer

Marlon Valenzuela, Front-end Developer

CBC News Liaisons
Spencer Walsh, Executive Producer,
Kristin Wozniak, Manager, Audience Research

Agents de liaisons à Radio-Canada
Karen Pouliot, Réalisatrice coordonnatrice, CJBC Radio française, TéléJournal Ontario

Marie-Eve Potvin, Édimestre, Radio-Canada